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Introducing the Kel-Tec RDB Bullpup Rifle

by SGN Online Editors   |  January 22nd, 2014 34

The new Kel-Tec RDB bullpup rifle is essentially the same weapon system as the original Kel-Tec RFB, except the new RDB is chambered in .223/5.56, whereas the RFB is chambered in 7.62x51mm.

Kel-Tec’s RDB comes with a 17.5-inch barrel with 1-in-7 twist, and operates with an adjustable short-stroke gas piston.

It also features a polymer Picatinny rail on top and bottom of the bullpup chassis. The RDB weighs 7-pounds, accepts standard AR-15 magazines and ejects empty casings out the bottom of the action.

The Kel-Tec RDB bullpup rifle will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014 for $2,000.

For more information, check out our video from the 2014 SHOT Show:

  • ddearborn

    $2000? It seems that the industry in general is doing their level best to price themselves right out of the US market. Apparently they have not been paying much attention to Joe six pack (the guy that buys the bulk of their wares) He is working longer hours for less money if he has a job at all. Everything from basic brass and bullets to black rifles now seem to have one common goal; maximum profits. Rather short sighted in the current economic climate here in the US.
    Or has the market demand for their wares already shifted East?

    • fled

      If they say $2000 then they mean $1400-1500 retail. Only demand will dictate true price. The KSG is basically an Ithaca 37 in a bullpup stock. The RFB has a bad ejection system in that if the rifle is rolled left or right empty cartridge casings can roll out of the ejection chute and into the operating system and jamb the gun with no way to effectively clear the jamb. The PMR-is kinda cool when it actually works or isnt broken….

    • Johnobody

      I’m not sure why all bullpup rifles seem to be very expensive. Everything else Kel-Tec seems to produce is both high quality and reasonably priced. Unless I am mistaken, all that is required to make a standard configuration, piston operated rifle into a bullpup is removing the shoulder stock, moving the butt up to the old pistol grip and adding a new pistol grip, trigger and linkage between the mag well and the muzzle. Why is the price 4 times higher?

    • Wesley John Blokker

      I hate to defend Kel-Tec on this but most of the price is likely to cover R&D costs. I think they should’ve cloned he AK-47 action and put that in a bullpup, This would make them much more affordable.

    • El Vagabondo

      These are made for export to Arab oil money backed terrorists that the oboli flub-a-dubs are afraid to fight on the ground.

    • kiljoy616

      Oh cry me a river on price and the poor American.

  • Michael Atkinson

    Well the Tavor is real close to that same price. For equal money, I think I’d rather have the proven Israeli design. I do own a bullpup Mini 14, and while I’m sure the others are more reliable, I was able to build it for around $600 total cost (including the rifle). If these guys want to market a good solid bullpup rifle, they need to start pushing the sub-1000 price point. That’s where the normal buyers are. For $2000 I’ll get a match grade AR.

    • Joe Liberty

      Your version is nice, but it leaves us leftys out of the equation…sigh…

      • Whoa Nelly!

        Then the Tavor is for you

      • Ben Smith

        How does it leave out us lefties? The empties eject from the bottom of the action. Unlike the Tavor, and the AUG, and pretty much every other bullpup (aside from the FN FS2000) that requires a change to the actual gun to make it left hand friendly. For CQB, a bottom (or forward) ejecting bullpup is much handier for switching shoulders, and being truly ambidextrous.

        Still, $2k is steep. But $1500-$2000 seems to be the market price across the board for all bullpup rifles. As long as the rifles are supported at that price in the market, the prices won’t decrease. They won’t sell as many with $600 ARs being common, which only drives the market price higher to ensure even minimal profits.

      • Ben Smith

        Nevermind, i see you were talking about the Mini-14 bullpup kit.

    • rattlesnake fist

      what kind of bullpup kit did you use?

      most mini14s i’ve seen run around 500 used in decent shape for a stock factory rifle, did you find a mini14 parts kit?

      • Michael Atkinson

        My mini currently resides in a muzzelite bullpup stock. $130ish from most sellers. Type “muzzelite” into any search engine and there are plenty of results for sale. This isn’t the end all solution, but if bullpups are your thing- way lower cost…

        • Michael Atkinson

          It’s not directly comparable to a factory bullpup, and has to be disassembled to clean the gun thoroughly, but my original point is that for the money, I’d rather have something designed rather than retrofitted. As it is now, I only have the money to retrofit rather than buy. Mostly because my garage isn’t comfortable to sleep in when I get kicked out of the house if she ever sees me with an “unapproved” Tavor.

          Kel-Tec makes decent stuff, but not high end stuff. So 2K for this…no.

  • Johnny Salaza

    Too bad they couldn’t licence this out to someone with more manufacturing capacity and better QC.

  • fyayldt

    I don’t like that bottom ejection having hot brass showering your arm and the front of your body is very uncomfortable at best and can cause nasty burns if the stuff get’s hung up in clothing against skin or repeatedly hits the same spot. The keltec bullpup shotgun leaves a nasty welt on your wrist from ejecting the spent casings against your arm so I doubt that this is a good idea.

  • John Micheal Stacey

    Needs Iron Sights!!! All battle/assault/evil black gun need IRON SIGHTS

  • Matt

    Be curious to know how you access the chamber in case of a failure to extract, eject or a double feed. Is there an easy way to visually inspect the chamber?

  • Thomas Clark Jr.

    No way that’s worth $2000, more like $200 – $300. Needs iron sights for back-up and chambered for some decent cartridges (.308 is good but .223 is a baby round) besides the .308 round.

    • Skeletor X

      In case you didn’t read the entire article, they already make one in .308, it’s called the 7.62×51.

      • LightBlack4eva

        The RFB not the RDB

  • Sergi Kent

    Available in late 2014? Really? Based on how late-to-market the high capacity bullpup KSG shotgun was when if finally made it to dealers in any volume, I will go on record as predicting that you will not be able to actually buy one through normal commercial channels until summer 2016. Meanwhile, early verions (that are not cherry picked and pre-tested to demo at shows or loan to gun writers) will have issues. Early KSGs had parts breaking off. Important parts like the transfer bars; rendering the gun inoperative. Meanwhile, there is the similiarly-configured but long-proven and battle-tested (literally) Tavor at the same price point.

  • Bugshank

    You can do a Tavor for 1800 right now. I did mine, 18″ with bayo lug, for 1770. Proven combat record, built like a terminator, accurate as all hell, reliable as an AK. I’ve yet to experience a single malfunction in that rifle. Had one FTF on a shitty gen2 pmag but that was it.

    Why would someone spend $2000 on a non-proven rifle…especially after the shaky launch the RFB had?

    Get real, KelTec. Firearms are investments. In this economy even the financially comfortable are having to budget cheerios, milk, and gas for the car like they’re planning a business.

    Seems more like KelTec is giving the price tag to make themselves feel better about their product.

    EDIT: Also, by the time this thing ACTUALLY comes to dealers, Desert Tech (formerly Desert Tactical Arms) will be releasing, or close to releasing, their MDR. And that thing, ladies and gents, is SEX.

    • fled

      Cant wait for all the AD’s from the Tavor’s trigger getting hung up on tac gear. You could fit a 2×4 through the trigger guard!

  • joe rodriguez

    the tavor is a much better weapon and cheaper and everything swaps for leftys.

  • Don

    Another Kel-Tec product that we’ll all get excited about, but the company will produce 4 a year and no one will be able to get one. Just like the PMR-30 and the KSG.

  • TL

    Keltec has some interresting and inovative products- but I CAN NEVER ACTUALLY FIND THEM IN THE GUN STORES!!!

    • bobfairlane

      Go to a KT dealer, with a wad of cash in your pocket, and I bet you can get some info.

  • Benzy2

    Who honestly cares about the concepts Kel-Tec designs these days. You can’t find anything they manufacture outside of sub compact pocket pistols. Their quality is sub par and less than what most people want for any serious work. As a casual firearm, $2000 for a rifle with no support is unrealistic. At least time I’m smart enough to realize I’ll see maybe one in my lifetime, and it will be in the return bin to go back for repairs. Not biting on their junk again.

  • Yap

    Probably will never make it to market in significant numbers. At $2000 they are really putting it out of reach of your average firearms enthusiast. Oh well.

  • Barker62

    I was lucky enough to find a PMR30 that shoots great(after dealing with 2 that didn’t), however the other stuff I looked at was crap. They have some great ideas but the Quality Control is lousy. Same time I was at the dealer 2 others came in – 1 with a KSG shotgun, another with one of their folding rifles. Both had parts that wouldn’t stay on & 1 continually had feeding problems. After all more. They (and all other big manufacturers) need to cut realistic.

  • Xakk

    The RBD shares nothing in common with the RFB other than the fact that it is a bullpup made by kel tec the operating system is described as completely new.

  • Aaron Freeman

    That’s way too high… stop caving into government pressure, and sell it at market value. This goes way beyond market value, and places it into the premium market. If I’m going to spend this much on a bullpup, I’d rather spend it on a Tavor, or an FNH… just saying!

  • flyingrhino

    …not interested in sending more of my money (in addition to plenty of tax payer money) to the Tavor’s homeland. i want american made thank you.

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