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Great New Shooting Gear for 2015

Great New Shooting Gear for 2015

great-new-gear-2015The annual SHOT Show is a perfect time to debut new products, but firearms often steal the spotlight.

That's a shame, because there are some really great products that don't burn powder, and it's time a few of those products took center stage. Rounding out the list this year are a brand new knife from Benchmade, an all-electric, high-tech clothing, innovative ammo, an ingenious and time-saving magazine loading tool, a cool wrist light and so much more.

Items here range from around $20 to over $14,000, so no matter your budget and needs there is an item on this list for every hunter and shooter.

5.11 Tactical Stryke Shirt and Shorts

Building on the success of their Stryke Pants, 5.11 Tactical is now adding shirts and shorts to the Stryke lineup for 2015. The company's Stryke Shirt features Teflon stain and water resistance and plenty of storage space for documents and other items and it is constructed of flexible, comfortable, rip-resistant fabric. The new Stryke Shorts feature 12 storage pockets including internal magazine pocket, Teflon coating, and a gusseted crotch for maximum range of movement. By rounding out the Stryke lineup, 5.11 is now offering shooters a complete selection of the most comfortable, stylish, and user-friendly shooting apparel available, clothes are designed for tactical applications and range work yet double as stylish, comfortable daily-use garments. Both the shorts and shirt are available in a variety of colors including TDU Green, Tundra, and khaki as well as others.

Price: $84.99 for the Stryke Shirt, $74.99 for the Stryke Shorts

Maglula 30 Round AR-15/M4 Benchloader

Loading AR-15/M4 magazines by hand can be a tedious and time consuming endeavor, so wouldn't you rather spend that time actually shooting at the range? The Maglula Benchloader allows you to do just that. The molded plastic design allows you to place a 30 round AR/M4 magazine firmly in place, load 30 rounds of ammunition into the Benchloader (there are numbered marks to help you keep track of the rounds you've added) and with one stroke of the hand you can instantly fill the magazine. The whole process takes less than a minute, and it's the most efficient way to load several magazines in a hurry. It's a great option for competitive and target shooters as well as law enforcement and military, and after a few long days spent firing several thousand rounds during an aerial hog shoot last year the value of the Benchloader becomes apparent. It's the fastest way to reliably and quickly load all those 30 round magazines in your range bag.

Price: $165

Benchmade 112S H20 Fixed Blade Knife

Benchmade's new H20 fixed blade knife is versatile and durable, the perfect knife for hunting in harsh conditions or survival situations. It offers an N680 ultra stainless steel blade with opposing bevel and rescue hook design and a textured, hi-tact rubberized overmolded handle for a secure hold. With a 3.5 inch blade it weighs just 3.2 ounces, a versatile knife that doesn't add a lot of bulk for long trips into the backcountry. The textured handle is easy to grip even when wet, and it comes with a lightweight, durable hard plastic sheath for easy transport.

Price: $120

Signature Products Group Browning Buck 2500RT Hunting Day Pack

Despite weighing just 3 ¼ pounds, the new Browning Buck 2500RT pack from Signature Product Group has 2500 cubic inches of storage space, allowing you to pack enough gear for a short hunt or a serious backcountry adventure. It's made of Baumshell fabric, which is twice as strong as traditional pack materials and weighs half as much. The Hypo-Sonic closure on the waist belt storage pocket features a toothless zipper system and it's water-resistant and virtually silent so you can access your gear without spooking game. The Mountain Crawler and Roll-Top features allow easy, quiet access to your equipment and plenty of rapid-access storage options. The low-profile daisy chain side rails make it easy to attach gear to the pack, so transporting your rifle or bow is comfortable and secure. The Tri-Vent padding makes this a comfortable pack to carry all day and offers a wicking, breathable back panel.

Price: $199.99

Danner Sharptail

Danner reinvented their successful Sharptail line with three new offerings for 2015. There's an 8-inch version with traditional laces, a 10 inch rear-zip model and a snake boot, all of which feature a durable, waterproof full-grain leather upper with 900 denier nylon, a 100 % breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex inner line, and a new Sharptail outsole for maximum traction in a variety of different terrains. For hunters who like to walk several miles in search of game, the three-density, open-cell polyurethane Ortholite footbed offers extreme comfort for all-day hunting. The traditional styling gives the Sharptail and classic look, but this is a serious hunting boot built with modern materials to produce one of the lightest, most comfortable, waterproof hunting boots of 2015. It's available in sizes 7-16D and 8-14EE, and both widths are available with half-sizes up to 12.

Price: $190-$250

Desert Tech R7S Chassis

If you're looking to convert your Remington 700 short action rifle into a serious long-range weapon Desert Tech has made the process simpler with the introduction of their R7S chassis. The R7S drop-in chassis allows the shooter to adjust cheek piece and length of pull for a personalized fit, and it features an optional ambidextrous folding design, precision monopod option and polymer insulation on all skin contact points. The chassis accepts both Accuracy International Ax and Badger Ordnance magazines. Overall weight is just 3.26 pounds, and the unfolded length in both .223 and .308 is 33.5 inches.

Price: $745 for the fixed version; $795 for the folding stock

OTIS Technologies Ear Shield

OTIS Technologies now offers the innovative Ear Shield, a lightweight, comfortable hearing protection device that won't interfere with your eye protection. The Ear Shield doesn't require batteries and utilizes a sound reduction chamber that refracts sound waves to cancel loud noises. The Ear Shield folds up and easily fits in a pocket or range bag, and they won't interfere with normal speech, so you can carry on a conversation at normal levels while still protecting your hearing on the range. The comfortable ear pieces fit into the ear canal and the Ear Shield easily adjusts to fit any shooter.

Price: $19.99 (26 dB) to $24.99 (31 dB for indoor shooting).

Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Loads

There are a lot of great turkey loads on the market, but most of those are designed for optimum long-range performance. Federal's new 3rd Degree turkey loads are designed to be a versatile load that works at all ranges thanks to a special blend of three different shot types. 20 percent of the shell's total payload is comprised of nickel-plated FLITESTOPPER #6 shot, which is more forgiving for birds that are close to the gun. For medium-range shots, each shell contains 40 perfect copper-plated #5 lead shot, ideal for birds from 20-40 yards. The remaining 40 percent of the payload is comprised of #7 HEAVYWEIGHT pellets, which improves long-range performance, and Federal's FLITECONTROL wad helps even longer, more reliable patterns. From birds in close to the edge of your shotgun's effective range, 3rd Degree loads help maximize your effectiveness at a variety of ranges. For 2015 there are two available loads, 12 gauge 3 inch with 1 ¾ ounces of 5,6,and 7 shot, and a 3 ½ inch magnum version with a 2 ounce load.

Price: $21.95-$24.95

Prois Sojourn Clothing

The Prois Sojourn line of women's outdoor clothing was developed for warm weather hunting, particularly safaris, but these versatile shirts, hoodies and jackets work just as well on the range and for early season hunts as they do in the dunes of the Kalahari. The short-sleeve shirt and lightweight hoodie are made from a comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking polyester/spandex blend, and both garments have UV protectant woven into the fabric to protect from the effects of the sun. The Prois Sojourn jacket has a 100% polyester shell with a comfortable wool liner and angled, deep-set zippered pockets to carry essential items in the field. All Sojourn clothing items have been designed to eliminate odors, and the clothes have a comfortable, stylish fit. The shirt, hoodie and jacket are available in sizes XS to XXL and come in either khaki or olive.

Price: $59.99 for the Sjourn shirt, $79.99 for the hoodie and $199.99 for the jacket

Hornady American Gunner Ammunition

Hornady's new American Gunner line of handgun ammunition offers exceptional value and outstanding versatility for target, hunting, and self-defense applications. American Gunner ammunition is loaded with Hornady eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) bullets, which offer excellent accuracy and consistent performance for a wide variety of applications. Propellants are matched to each load, and high-quality Hornady brass and primers are used with each new American Gunner offering. Loads are currently available for .380 Auto, 9mm, 9mm +P, .40 S&W, .38 Special, .357 Magnum and .45 ACP, covering the needs of most handgunners.

Price: $22.17

RCBS Pro Chuker 7 Auto Index Progressive Press

RCBS's new Pro Chuker 7 press is the first seven-station auto indexing press to hit the market, so serious reloaders should take note. Automatic indexing maximizes production, and with a load rate of approximately 600 rounds per hour you can turn out a lot of handloaded ammo in a hurry. The Quick Change die plate allows for rapid transition between calibers, and the large-capacity Quick Change powder measure greatly reduces the time you'll spend filling the hopper. In addition, the Quick Change drain tube allows you to drain the powder meaure without ever removing it from the press. With seven stations you can set up the Pro Chuker 7 to meet your individual needs, and this efficient system allows you to load a lot of ammunition in a hurry and switch between cartridges quickly. If you want to convert your Pro Chuker 5 to a Pro Chuker 7 there's a conversion kit with the seven-station die plate and all of the other necessary equipment available from RCBS for $383.95.

Price: [imo-slideshow gallery= 172],098.95

Safariland Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster

Safariland has addressed the need to purchase a firearm-specific holster with the introduction of the new 578 GLS Pro-Fit holster, which works with over 60 different handguns. The holster is made of durable SafariSeven nylon blend material that won't damage firearms and comes with an injection-molded paddle and belt loops. The GLS system keeps the firearm secured and releases with the application of the shooter's middle finger in a standard grip, insuring that your gun will stay put until you need it. A tension screw allows the holster to be customized for a perfect fit, and the holster's overall length is adjustable as well. The new Safariland holster allows shooters with multiple firearms to keep them close to the body and secure while adding a level of versatility never before seen in production holsters. They are available in black and flat dark earth.

Price: $55

SilencerCo Salvo 12

There were several brand-new rifle and handgun suppressors for 2015, but SilencerCo has broken new ground with the release of their Salvo 12 shotgun suppressors. Shotgun shooters, once an overlooked segment of the market by suppressor companies, now have a product designed specifically to reduce the noise generated by their scatterguns. The Salvo 12 arrives as a 12-inch unit, but it can be reduced to lengths of 10, 8, and 6 inches to achieve the overall balance and sound suppression needs of the consumer. Constructed of 17-4 stainless steel and 7075 aluminum, the Salvo weighs between 21 and 34.5 ounces (depending on length) and fits many different shotgun designs, and it is compatible with slugs. The average dB with the unit in place is just 136.8.

Price: [imo-slideshow gallery= 172],400

Surefire 2211X LED wrist light

The economical 2211X wrist light from Surefire is powered by a disposable 123A lithium battery and features a high-impact polymer body design that protects it against damage when you're in the field or at the range. A nylon strap keeps the light firmly in place and a new faceted reflector insures that the dual-output LED light is dispersed evenly without a discernable drop-off in output. When worn on the support hand, the 2211X projects a stream of LED light directly ahead and into the face of an attacker, and a one-touch maximum intensity setting insures that when the 2211X is switched on you have every available lumen at the ready. Pressing and holding the ON button cycles through less powerful, battery life-enhancing settings which are ideal for most day-to-day tasks. As long as you have a 2211X on your wrist, you'll be ready to light up the night.

Price: TBD

Galco Corvus

For 2015, Galco Gunleather is introducing their new Corvus line of Kydex holsters, which convert quickly and easily from belt to IWB carry. These virtually maintenance-free holsters are adjustable for ride height and cant, and the open-top design allows for rapid access to the firearm. Each holster comes with interchangeable 1 ½ and 1 ¾ inch belt slots as well as slots to convert the Corvus from a belt holster to IWB. The tough, black Kydex construction means that the holster can withstand years of daily carry, and the dual-purpose design means that you won't have to buy two holsters to fit different carry styles. The contoured design means that when you're carrying this holster in the IWB position it will ride comfortably and won't jab or rub against the body.

Price: $79.95

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