How to Create the Ultimate Grab-and-Go Survival Bag

When facing a crises, there are only two types of people—the prepared and the unprepared. The prepared are often later described as "the survivors." Sadly the unprepared all to often become the victims.

If we could consciously choose which category we'd like to be in, we'd all want to be survivors. But what if becoming a survivor later meant having to be prepared right now? Have you asked yourself recently just how well-equipped you are to face a disaster if you're caught away from home and come out alive?

The notion of being survival-ready causes some people to roll their eyes, assuming that everyone who makes disaster preparations is screaming that the sky is falling. "Prepping" has become associated with apocalyptic disasters—large-scale nuclear warfare, alien invasion, and the like. To date, as I sit behind the keyboard of my laptop, none of those disasters has happened.

But disasters strike this country every year, and although they aren't apocalyptic in nature, they are dangerous and scary. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires and flooding are all possibilities on our unstable planet. Unfortunately, so are terrorist attacks and civil unrest. These disasters happen every year all around the world, and if they haven't happened where you live, don't smile and shrug. Instead, be aware and prepared.

There are very few constants with disaster situations, but one common phrase is repeated over and over by the survivors of floods, hurricanes, mobs, and attacks—"it all happened so quickly." Certainly there was no time to go and stock up on items needed to thrive in a survival situation. No, you need to have those items on hand, close by, and ready to go.

Here are some of the basic items that will help you survive when others perish, the gear that will keep you safe and secure. Add some lightweight food items in a sealable plastic baggie and you'll be good to go.

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