President Trump Brags About Bump Stock Ban, Supports Concealed Carry, Hints About a Possible Silencer Ban – Seems Confused About What the 2A is All About

President Trump Brags About Bump Stock Ban, Supports Concealed Carry, Hints About a Possible Silencer Ban – Seems Confused About What the 2A is All About

Today, in an interview on Good Morning Great Britain, hosted by Piers Morgan, President Trump bragged about his work to ban bump stocks when the subject was brought up by the left-wing host. The President also stated that he is considering a ban on sound suppressors, and stated that he does not like them. While Trump did make some strong statements in favor of concealed carry for self-defense, he seems to be confused about what the Second Amendment really means. When asked by Morgan about why someone needs an AR-15, Trump stated that people feel that the rifles are fun to shoot. He went even further to make a statement that hunters need guns.

The Second Amendment is a God-given, government-recognized right which guarantees the individual the ability to defend his or her life and liberty against tyranny and genocide. Period. It's not about hunting. It's not about target shooting or “fun” shooting. It's not just about self-defense against robbers and rapists. The Founders of this nation wanted citizens to have the ability to defend themselves against their own government. It is nonsensical to state that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a defense against tyranny, and then in the same breath, state that citizens have no right to own the same weapons which would be used against them by a tyrannical government. If that were the case, the Founders would have stated a right to own crossbows and catapults instead of muskets and cannons which were the deadliest and most modern arms of the day. Let that sink in. Hundreds of millions of people have been executed and imprisoned by despotic tyrannies just in the 20th Century alone. The Founders were “on target” when they recognized the God-given right of an individual to defend life and liberty.

Watch the video and ask yourself if President Trump is standing by his multiple promises to uphold the Second Amendment. 

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