Sandy Hook Promise Not Anti-Gun? Let'™s Check

Sandy Hook Promise Not Anti-Gun? Let'™s Check

tim-mcgraw-anti-gunYesterday's report on country singer Tim McGraw's pending appearance in a benefit concert for Sandy Hook Promise drew more response than anything that's ever appeared on By quite a measure. Clearly, this struck a nerve. 

Most of those who commented were indignant that a country music figure would align with gun-grabbers. There were plenty of vows never to buy his music again and to use his existing CDs for target practice. Too many of these responses were couched in terms unsuitable for a family website. (Hint: if you use the F-word, you get deleted as quickly as we can get to it.)

We are by now used to needing the delete button, but I was much more disturbed to read several responses suggesting that Sandy Hook Promise is not an anti-gun group. Now, to start with, you have to remember that the antis have decided that "gun control" is a losing term. We have successfully used the phrase "gun control: it's not about guns, it's about control," and surveys show it's sunk in.

So now they're using the term "gun safety," because who can be against safety?

So if you see a group talking about gun safety that's not the NRA or the NSSF, you should assume it's anti-gun until proven otherwise. 

As for Sandy Hook Promise, I ran a little experiment. I gave myself 10 minutes to see what I could find on a Google search, and even less time than that revealed these:

In retrospect, we had it easier in the 1970s when the antis were loud and proud with names like the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. Their program then was simple and easy to understand. Break down your door, slap you around, take your guns, throw them in the smelter and make them into a peace statue. It was honest, it was stated openly and there was no ambiguity. If only it were so simple now!

Today, they're playing the long game, hoping to chip away at our rights one piece at a time. As always, they're hoping to divide and conquer as they did in Britain; separating us from one another and picking off one group at a time. But don't be fooled: the goal remains the same. As long as you have so much as a slingshot, someone wants to take it away.

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