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China Ramps Up Tyranny as U.S. Follows Suit

China Ramps Up Tyranny as U.S. Follows Suit

A Chinese “on the spot” execution of a political dissident.

“Disturbing video out of Hong Kong shows family members of ‘political prisoners’ saying hysterical goodbyes after China rounded them up onto buses headed for reeducation camps in the mainland,” NewsWars reports. “The heartbreaking footage shows a group of desperate Hong Kongers banging on the barred windows of the buses as it drives away to the Chinese mainland.”

“Heartbreaking” is one word for it. Others also come to mind, including philosopher George Santayana’s warning that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

The buses are reminiscent of nothing so much as cattle cars transporting victims to concentration camps. And it’s more than racial, cultural and religious “ethnic cleansing” as with the Uighurs – this is the extermination of forbidden thoughts and sentiments, ideological cleansing, or more to the point of the end game, “ideologicide.”

It’s the way of totalitarianism. While technology given by, and in many cases stolen from the West have inarguably raised material living standards and the Chinese economy and military are preparing to overtake the United States, the government is using that technology to crack down on its citizens, to control information they are “allowed” to see, hear and communicate, and to spy on and then excise any individuals deemed troublesome.

And they’re using it to infiltrate, weaken and sabotage U.S. and allied interests at home and abroad.

They’re He-ere…

“A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred – exposing members who are now working all over the world, while also lifting the lid on how the party operates under Xi Jinping,” Sky News Australia reports. “[T]he leak demonstrates party branches are embedded in some of the world’s biggest companies and even inside government agencies.”

It drills down deeper than that, right into our neighborhoods, via public schools.

"Chinese Communist Party officials... are cultivating relationships with county school board members and local politicians – often through what are known as sister cities programs,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned. “Last year, a high school – a high school, a high school in Chicago – disinvited a Taiwanese representative to serve on a climate panel after Chinese pressure."

Those pieces fit in seamlessly with the bigger picture.

“At the end of the Cold War, America started to engage with China heavily,” Pompeo explained. “We thought that the more we interacted, the more it would become like a liberal democracy, like us here in the United States. It didn’t happen, and you all know this. Indeed, under Xi Jinping, the country is moving exactly in the opposite direction – more repression, more unfair competition, more predatory economic practices; indeed, a more aggressive military posture as well.”

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe notes China targeting members of Congress.

“They want laws and policies out of the United States that are favorable to China,” he told CBS News in a recent interview.  “[W]hat they are really trying to do is through blackmail, bribery, overt and covert operations, trying to make sure only laws that are favorable to China are passed.”


"[T]his is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the leverage that China is putting on our politicians,” former Acting DNI Richard Grenell told Sean Hannity. "There is a variety of mayors, governors, senior people."

The focus of the discussion had been on Rep. Eric Swalwell, a committed enemy of the Second Amendment who once suggested using nuclear weapons against gun owners and who now, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, is caught up in what is being reported as a “honeypot” sex trap set by a Chinese spy.

"[The committee] should get a confidential, classified briefing on what Eric Swalwell knew and how much did he give away,” Grenell added. This is playing exactly into what the Chinese want people to do. They want to be under the radar. Eric Swalwell did exactly what the Chinese wanted."

Speaking of gun-grabbing politicians with as-yet-to-be-fully-revealed Chinese ties, Democrat Senator-elect Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, never has publicly explained how he ended up with “lucrative regime business contracts” after the Chicoms paid for him to attend a 2003 “conference.” Nor has NASA explained how he pulled it off while bound by its ethics policies concerning personal enrichment resulting from agency duties.

It’s not out of line to ask how a retired captain with Chinese connections finds himself with “assets worth up to $27 million,” so naturally, no one in the establishment media wants to. Also of interest: What influence and impact will that have on current and future trade deals for weapons systems with Taiwan, such as those currently being fulfilled by Raytheon in Tucson (missile systems) and Boeing in Mesa (Apache AH-64 helicopters)?

All the Way to the Top

Nothing to see here, Joe Biden declared when campaigning for the presidency.

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man — They can’t even figure out how to deal with the fact that they have this great division between the China Sea and the mountains in the West,” Biden opined. “They can’t figure out how they’re going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. They’re not bad folks, folks … They’re not competition for us.”

You wonder if he really is this big of an idiot, this big of a fraud or both. You should also wonder about Biden’s own Chinese connections.

“Di Dongsheng, a professor and associate dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University in Beijing, also suggested in a Nov. 28 speech that China’s Communist Party helped Hunter Biden, a son of presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden, obtain Chinese business deals,” The Washington Examiner notes, quoting the professor claiming “Now, I’m going to drop a bomb: Because we had people up there inside America’s core circle of power, we had our old friends.”

“The Justice Department is investigating the finances of President-elect Joe Biden’s son, including scrutinizing some of his Chinese business dealings and other transactions,” the Associated Press reports.

“Hunter Biden requested in 2017 that keys be made for his new ‘office mates,’ listing his father, President-elect Joe Biden, Jill Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden, for space he planned to share with an ‘emissary’ for a chairman of a Chinese energy company, Fox News documents.

It seems fair to for inquiring minds to seek connections between all this and evidence that the Chinese paid $400M for Dominion Voting, especially with mounting evidence it was used to change  votes in Joe Biden’s favor.

Partners in Citizen Disarmament

“Weapons of war have no place in our communities,” Joe Biden tweeted recently. “We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” And he’s demanding plenty more, including scrapping the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so manufacturers can be sued out of existence, enhanced registration-enabling “background checks,” adding to “red flag” prohibitions, endorsing state licenses to own a gun and “put[ting] America on the path to ensuring that 100% of firearms sold in America are smart guns.” That, and threatening to do much of it by executive order.

That should please his Chinese “office mates” no end, as they too not only object to Americans having guns, but has complained that by allowing it, our country is guilty of “human rights violations.”

“The United States prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of citizens' lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm possession control, causing rampant gun ownership,” they claim. Evidently, that whole “security of a free State” rationale has either been lost on them, or more likely, has not been. Those in the know in China are supremely aware that it’s a lot more difficult forcing people onto buses and into camps if they have the means of resisting it, which is a big reason why the death penalty is on the table there for the “illegal gun” trade (not that it has stopped it).

Not that it stopped them from trying to smuggle 2,000 Chinese AK-47s into Oakland, CA back in 1996 using a shipping company that Dianne Feinstein’s billionaire husband had a “minor financial interest” in. And define if “minor” would be enough for most of us to retire in style on.

Ever enterprising though, the Chinese will continue to profit selling Type 97 semi-auto rifles, and other firearms, to Canadian civilians as well as exporting guns and ammo throughout the rest of the world where civilians can legally buy them. China is also arming Third World conflicts. They’ll wait until it’s territory they claim, and that they know they can get away with it before they start “shooting people like dogs.”

Welcome to the People’s Republic of America

As “progressives” gain more power, expect to see them behaving more and more like the Chicoms they’re templating off of. We see our media, rather than being crusading champions of a free press, enthusiastically committing lies of commission and omission for what I call the DSM (Duranty/Streicher Media), so named after The New York Times’ “reporter known as “Stalin’s apologist,” and Julius Streicher, the Nazi propagandist hanged at Nuremberg.

We see “social media” and corporate cowards embracing the so-called “cancel culture,” where a person’s name and employment prospects can be destroyed for holding political opinions our “progressive” sole and self-appointed arbiters of “tolerance and diversity” deem “wrong thinking.” We see calls to “name and shame” and never forget fellow Americans for the unforgiveable thought crime of supporting Donald Trump. That’s reminiscent of nothing so much as communist Chinese “social credits” and “struggle sessions.”

And it goes beyond that (it always does). New Jersey Congressman (and doctrinaire gun-grabber) Bill Pascrell, Jr. (Democrat, naturally) wants Trump “enablers” prosecuted “for their many crimes against the United States,” that is, for “treason” (potentially punishable by U.S. Code with death). He also wants to effectively take over the government by having Nancy Pelosi refuse to seat members of Congress supporting the president’s challenge of election results, that is, commit treason.

The Long March

Gun owners are going to have some choices to make, and soon. Now that we’ve seen no matter what evidence is presented that there are legitimate questions about election fraud, the media is going to continue with the parroted talking point that such concerns are “baseless,” with the Republican establishment giving aid and comfort to the Democrats, and with the Supreme Court washing its hands of the matter, we’re on our own.

Who doubts that after the next mass killing in a “gun-free zone” with an “assault weapon” that a critical mass of Republicans won’t abandon the people who voted for them (based on NRA grades)?  What will you do when ordered to either surrender your semiautomatic firearm and magazines or register them and pay a tax, or else become a “felon”?

What did President Kennedy, a Democrat and an NRA member, say about “those who make peaceful revolution impossible”?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy [statement made on first anniversary of the Alliance for Progress, March 13, 1962]

And what did Chairman Mao know about where political power grows from?

“Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” - Mao Zedong [written by Zedong, in Problems of War and Strategy, November 6, 1938]

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