Cuomo to Gun Owners: Get Out!

Cuomo to Gun Owners: Get Out!

Andrew CuomoNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo came into office posing as a moderate, but his true colors quickly became apparent when he rammed through the anti-gun SAFE Act in the dead of night with the collusion of New York Republican leaders.

Now Cuomo, who is thought to harbor Presidential ambitions, is doubling down. In a radio interview, he said that those who oppose his ideas on gay rights, abortion or gun control should just leave the Empire State.

Cuomo later attempted to walk back his comments with the usual baloney about their being taken out of context, but the truth is out, and what he had to say was no surprise whatsoever. Democratic politicians in states like California and New York have long pursued a policy of political ethnic cleansing. Passing gun laws gets gun owners, and their votes, to leave. They're following the advice of a British Labor Party leader who advised, "if the electorate won't buy your program, change the electorate."

Were gun owners and other conservatives to move en masse to Nebraska, that would suit Cuomo and his allies just fine, except to the extent they took their money with them.

While it was a story in the New York papers, Cuomo's intemperate blast made no national impact. Now, just imagine if the governor of Arkansas or Mississippi suggested that homosexuals or women seeking abortions hit the road. Hell, imagine that the mayor of the smallest, remotest, most God-forsaken burg in Alabama suggested there was no room in his town for those of alternate lifestyles. There would be hour-long network specials in which academics and pundits would, brows furrowed in deep concern, dissect the rising strain of intolerance in American society.

Tolerance to people like Andrew Cuomo is a one-way street. We get to tolerate everything they like, whether we like it or not, while they get to tell us to get out of town.

There will be those of you who will casually suggest that all gun owners should just leave New York or California or Maryland. Would you be content to leave the place you were born, where your family lives, where your business is, where all your friends and memories are?

This is, or is supposed to be, America. An America where rights are rights, wherever you are. An America where you have constitutional carry in Arizona and are limited to seven-round magazines in New York is no different than an America where women own car dealerships in Kansas and have to wear burkhas in South Dakota. Stopping the Andrew Cuomos of the world is important, wherever you live.

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