Fun With a Gun Auction Sale Bill

Fun With a Gun Auction Sale Bill

I always enjoy looking at sale bills from local gun auctions. We know that there are as many as 200-300 million guns in circulation out there, but what exactly are they? Pistols and black guns get all the publicity these days, but what do people actually have in their closets? This list reminds us that for many years, people in this country bought their guns at Montgomery Wards, Penney's or Sears. Even chains like Macy's sold guns up into the 1970s. And people bought guns for prosaic purposes like shooting doves or controlling vermin. Have a look at this list of guns from a Rick Rediger Auction ( in Wyanet, Ill., this Sunday.. If you're like me, you'll need the store brand reference section of Blue Book of Gun Values or the Numrich Gun Parts catalog to ID some of the department store models.

1.) 12-Ga, IverJohnson, Champion, Single Shot

2.) 12-Ga, Ithaca, Double Barrel, Hammerless

3.) 12-Ga, Winchester 1 Super X, Semi Auto

4.) 7.62X54R, Romanian Riffle, ZX1846 w/ Bayonet

5.) 12-Ga, N.R. Davis Diana, Single Shot

6.) 30-06, Sears, Ted Williams, #53 Bolt Action w/ Scope

7.) 12-Ga, JC Higgins, #66 Semi Auto

8.) 12-Ga, Excel Single Shot

9.) Unknown make, model and-Cal, Military Rifle

10.) 410, LittlePet Single Shot

11.) 12-Ga, Marlin, Pump

12.) 22-Cal, Ruger 10-22, Semi Auto

13.) 20-Ga, Savage 220A Single Shot

14.) 12-Ga, Browning, A5, Semi Auto

15.) 410, Stevens, 59A, Bolt Action

16.) 12-Ga, J.C. Higgins, 58317, Bolt Action

17.) 12-Ga, Winchester, 120, Pump

18.) 12-Ga, International, Hammered, Double Barrel

19.) 22-Cal, Remington 09 Pump

20.) 12-Ga, Remington 1100, Semi Auto

21.) 16-Ga, Ithaca37, Featherlight Pump

22.) 20-Ga, J.C. Higgins 58319, Bolt Action

23.) 12-Ga, H&R Ultra Slug, Single Shot

24.) 22-Cal, J.C. Higgins, 42DL, Bolt Action

25.) 12-Ga, Sears, 66 Semi Auto

26.) 30-06, Ruger M77, Bolt Action

27.) 16-Ga,Winchester, Mod 12 Pump

28.) 12-Ga,Winchester, Mod 12, 3" Pump

29.) 223-Cal, Ruger, Mini 14, Semi Auto

30.) 22-Cal, H&R, Mod 929, Revolver

31.) 12-Ga, Marlin, Mod 90, Over/Under

32.) 20-Ga, Lawson, Double Barrel

33.) 8 mm, Husqvarna, Bolt Action

34.) 22-Cal, Mondial, Mod 999, Starter Pistol

35.) 16-Ga, Olympic Arms, Single Shot

36.) 22-Cal, Springfield, Mod 87A, Semi Auto

37.) 410, NewPort, Double Barrel

38.) .177-Cal, Diana, Mod 22, Pellet

39.) 32-Cal, H&R, Top Break Pistol

40.) 38 Special, Spanish Made, Mod 1924, Revolver

41.) 7.92-Cal, Fabrica DeArms Lacoruna, 98 Mouser

42.) 303, British Lithgow, SMLE, British Enfield Rifle

43.) 45-Cal, Ultra High Black Powder

44.) 410 Winchester #370, Single Shot

45.) 12-Ga, J.C. Higgins, Mod 20 Pump

46.) BB Crossman, Mod 2100

47.) Chinese Air Rifle

48.) 410, Iver Johnson, Single Shot

49.) 12-Ga, Browning, A5 Semi Auto

50.) 30-30, Winchester, Mod 94 Lever

51.) 7.62x54R, Russian, Mod M1944, Bolt w/ Bayonet

52.) 20-Ga, Springfield, 94A, Single Shot

53.) 12-Ga, J.C. Higgins, Mod 20 Pump

54.) 22-Cal, Remington, Mod 09 Pump

55.) 20-Ga, Remington, Mod 870 Ex Mag Pump

56.) 7.62X54R, Russian, Mod 91/30, Bolt w/ Bayonet

57.) 22-Cal, Springfield, Mod 15, Bolt

58.) 410 Hudson, Mod,W.S., Single Shot

59.) 12-Ga, J.C. Higgins, Mod 20, Pump

60.) 222, Savage Mod 340C, Bolt w/ Scope

61.) 410 Mossberg, Mod 183DB Bolt

62.) 20-Ga, Marlin, Mod 44 Pump

63.) 30-30, Winchester, Mod 94 Lever

64.) 8mm, German Mauser, Mod M48, Bolt w/ Bayonet

65.) 22-Cal, Springfield, Mod 85, Semi Auto

66.) 6.55-Cal, Husqvarna, Mod 1943 Bolt

67.) 250-3000, Savage, Mod, Lever

68.) 22-Cal, Iver Johnson, TP22, Pistol

69.) Choice; Weaver K3-C3, & Famous Maker 4x40

70.) Barrel only, 12-Ga, Remington 1187

71.) Barrel Only, Slug, 12-Ga, Mossberg 835

72.) Barrel Only, Muzzle, 50-Cal, Percussion 1100

73.) Choke Tube, Browning

74.) 22-Cal, Gleenfield, Mod 50, Semi Auto

75.) 12-Ga, Stevens, Mod 77B, Pump

76.) 357 Mag, Ruger, Security, Six, Revolver

77.) 22-410 Stevens, Mod 22-410, over/under

78.) 410, J. Stevens, Mod, 94B, Single Shot

79.) 12-Ga, Chinese, Mod, HL12-102, Pump

80.) 22-Cal, Winchester, Mod 250 Lever

81.) 22-Cal, Remington, Mod 33, Bolt Action

82.) 12-Ga, J. Stevens, Mod 375 Hammerless, Double Barrel

83.) 16-Ga, Iver Johnson, Single Shot

84.) 22-Cal, Daisy Mod 8, Bolt Action

85.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 48, Semi Auto

86.) 30,Carbine, Inland, M1 Semi Auto

87.) Unknown, German Mauser, Bolt Action

88.) 16-Ga, JC Higgins, Mod 58324, Bolt Action

89.) 22-Cal, Ithaca, Mod, X5 Lightning, Semi Auto

90.) 22-Cal, Remington, Mod 514, Bolt Action

91.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 870 Pump

92.) 30-06, Herters, Mod 19, Bolt Action

93.) 22-Cal, Winchester, Mod 90, Pump

94.) 12-Ga, Smith & Wesson, Mod 1000, Semi Auto

95.) 30-Cal, H&R, M1, Semi Auto

96.) 12-Ga,FA Loomis, Hammer, Double Barrel

97.) 20-Ga, H&R, Mod 88, Single Shot

98.) 22-Cal,Remington, Mod 514, Bolt Action

99.) 12-Ga, Noble, Mod 60D, Pump

100.) 410, A. Rossi, Mod 4117b, Single Shot

101.) 30, Carbine, Rock Island, Mod M1

102.) 22-Cal, Marlin, Mod 75C, Semi Auto

103.) 22-Cal, Marlin, Mod 81DL, Bolt Action

104.) 12-Ga, Clayco, Mod 6, Single Shot

105.) 22-Cal, Remington, Mod 510, Bolt Action

106.) .177-Cal, Daisy Red Ryder, NIB, Lever Action

107.) .177-Cal, Daisy Red Ryder, NIB, Lever Action

108.) 410, H&R, Mod Bay State, Single Shot

109.) 22-Cal, Western Field, Mod SD59A, Semi Auto

110.) 8X56R, Budapest, Mod M95, Bolt Action

111.) 12-Ga, American Hammer, Double Barrel

112.) 7.62X54R, German Mauser, Mod 1900, Bolt Action

113.) 12-Ga, Sears, Mod Slug 464.51761 Pump

114.) 410, JC Higgins, Mod 102.25, Bolt Action

115.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 870 Pump

116.) 20-Ga, J. Stevens, Mod 258A, Bolt Action

117.) 22-Cal, Savage, Mod 141, Bolt Action

118.) 12-Ga, Revelation, Mod 300 Pump

119.) 45-70, Marlin Mod 1895, Lever

120.) Unknown-Cal,German Mauser, Mod 1891, Bolt Action

121.) 12-Ga, Mossberg, Mod 1000, Super 12, Semi Auto

122.) 4.5 mm, Daisy, NIB, Red Ryder, BB Gun

123.) 4.5,mm, Daisy, NIB, Red Ryder, BB Gun

124.) 12-Ga, H. Pieper Diana,Hammer, Double Barrel

125.) 30, Carbine, I.B.M., M1, Semi Auto

126.) 22-Cal, Winchester, Mod 06 Pump

127.) 20-Ga, Browning, Mod 12, NIB, Pump

128.) 22-410, J. Stevens, Mod 22-410, Over/Under

129.) 300, Savage, Remington Game Master, 760 Pump

130.) 12-Ga, Stevens Hammerless, Double Barrel

131.) 20-Ga,Remington, Mod 870, Pump

132.) 22-Cal, Remington, Mod 514, Bolt Action

133.) 12-Ga, Marlin Pump

134.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 10, Pump

135.) 22-Cal, Remington Mod 572 Pump

136.) 410/12mm, Stevens, Single Shot

137.) 12-Ga,Remington 870, Mag Pump

138.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 58, Semi Auto

139.) 12-Ga, Ithaca, Mod 37, Featherlight Pump

140.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 870, Mag Pump

141.) Unknown, England, Bolt Action

142.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 870, Mag Pump

143.) 12-Ga, Browning, Mod A5, Semi Auto

144.) 410, Mossberg, Mod 173, Bolt Action

145.) 12-Ga, Remington, 870 Pump

146.) 410, New, England Arms, Single Shot

147.) Unknown, Mod 48, Bolt Action

148.) 20-Ga, Remington, Mod 1100LW, Semi Auto

149.) 12-Ga, Browning, Mod A5, Semi Auto

150.) 410, H&R, Mod Topper M48, Single Shot

151.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 870, Pump

152.) 12-Ga, E.R. Amantino,Hammerless, Double Barrel

153.) 22-Cal, TMC2, Bolt Action

154.) 12-Ga, Browning, Mod A5, Semi Auto

155.) 12-Ga, Remington, Mod 870, Mag Pump

156.) Unknown, Springfield, Mod 1850, Muzzle Load

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