N. Korean Despot Over-Guns Executions

N. Korean Despot Over-Guns Executions

Pudgy tyrant Kim Jong-un has earned a fearsome reputation for executing political opponents with creative savagery. A report that he had his uncle eaten by starving dogs has been debunked as South Korean propaganda, but recent news that he had North Korean People's Armed Forces Minister Hyon Yong Chol gunned down with a ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun is more believable.

Gen. Hyon was allegedly mowed down for sleeping through a Kim speech. There is some speculation that that detail may be spin from the propaganda troops in Seoul, but it does make a good story.

The ZPU-4 is a Soviet equivalent of the M45 "Quad .50" used in World War II and Korea, but firing the more powerful 14.5mm heavy machine gun cartridge. It propels a 988-grain bullet at 3300 fps, for more than 24,000 foot-pounds of energy. Each of the four guns has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute.

Kim's orders, we are told, were that nothing was to be left of Hyon, and the ZPU-4 would clearly accomplish that.

Now, Western societies are hardly innocent of exemplary punishments. Think of crucifixion, the mounting of heads on spikes in Henry VIII's time or the British practice of strapping Indian mutineers to the muzzles of cannon. But the Kim regime really does hearken back to the times of Genghis Khan or Tamerlane, with the pyramids of skulls and other still-remembered horrors.

We can only hope that one day the people of North Korea will rise up and give the chubby Caesar some of his own medicine. If they want to take a step up from the ZPU-4, let me suggest the M134 Minigun or maybe the Navy's electronic rail gun.

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